Ghita (Ghita is the short for Gheorghe) [ Ghita ]

Ghita (Ghita is the short for Gheorghe)

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The little coat is hanging on a nail,
There is no sun outside,
Nothing has been good since
I´ve been thinking of Ghita.
But Ghita isn´t in the village
I have enquired.
It seems he´s gone

It is hard, it´s very hard for me,
I want, but I don´t know what.
I know you like me too.
Tell me, Ghita, why are you silent?
Come or go,
Say either yes or no.
Please, don´t irritate me,
Ghita, what´s going on with your life?

Ghita, I am waiting for you at the gate tonight,
By the school gate,
Come, but don´t come as you usually do
Who else will wait for you like I do,
The whole night, only waiting for you.
Ghita, show me a girl
Who loves you the way I do.

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