hamoon [ hamoon(هامون) ]

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No don't be mistaken this is not a love song
Imagine a man with wet eyes
I don't want , shouldn't say bad things about you in my song
I shouldn't translate love feeling as a captive feeling
I'm leaving broken tonight,Goodbye Lady
even though your green and pure heart will be broken
for me which window was a vague dream
May all your walls be inside the window
Forgive me if the scent of my dirty wounds and my loud cries annoys you
The cries will not be loud anymore
The cold silence full of your thoughts
I have been waiting so long for you to come again for my leave with that dress full of flowers
And make me happy with a lie
That maybe I can come again for meeting you
Publicado por IceRose Zohreh el Mar, 24/07/2012 - 19:54
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نه اشتباه نکن این یه شعر عاشقونه نیست
تصور کن یه مرد رو با چشمای خیس
نمی خوام نباید تو شعرم به تو جسارت کنم
نباید حس عشق رو تعبیر به اسارت کنم
شکسته میرم امشب بانو خدانگهدارت
اگرچه میشکنه اون دل سبز و سپیدارت
واسه من که پنجره یه آرزوی مبهم بود
ولی تو پنجره باشه تموم دیوارت


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