May He Never Leave (Hiç Gitmesin)

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May He Never Leave

Are those my eyes looking at me like that?
Are those my hairs smelling in the wind?
I still can't believe they're mine
What if you leave one day
If you leave me I wouldn't know what to do
There's a chronic fear waiting for me
May he be always mine, may he never leave
May he never hurt my heart
I'd be his too and never leave
just as long as he wants it
Be mine always don't leave
don't you hurt my heart
I'd be yours too and never leave
just as long as you want it...
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Hiç Gitmesin

O gözler mi benim bana öyle bakan
saçların mı benim, rüzgarlarda kokan
inanamıyorum hala benim olduğuna


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