Story of a Taxi Driver (Historia del Taxista)

Story of a Taxi Driver

It was ten in the evening. I was piloting my ship
My taxi was a '68 Volkswagen
It was one of those bad days when there were no fares
The sequins of an outfit hailed me to pull-over

She was a gorgeous blonde, wearing a miniskirt
The plunging backline extended precisely to the glory
A black tear rolled down her cheek while the rear-view mirror
said: "look at those calves!" ... I saw a little more than that...

It was 10:40. I was cruising up and down Reforma
She told me "My name is Norma," as she crossed her legs
She pulled out a kind of strange cigarette
the ones that make you laugh
I rushed to offer her a light; my hand was shaking

I asked her: "Who are you crying over?" She told me: "over a guy
that thinks because he's rich he can come and cheat on me"
"Don't fall for love; you have to pick yourself up," I told her
"Count on the present company, if what you want is revenge," and she smiled

"What is a taxi driver doing seducing life?
What is a taxi driver doing creating a wound?
What is a taxi driver doing in front of a lady?
What is a taxi driver doing with his bedroom dreams?" I wondered

"I saw him embracing and kissing a girl of modest means
She's working class; I can tell from her look"
She smiled at me in the mirror and was sitting diagonally
I was stupefied, with the mirror all fogged up

She told me: "Turn at the corner; we'll go to my house
After a couple of tequilas, we'll see what happens"
Why describe what we did on the rug
if it suffices to say even the shade I kissed, and a bit more than that...

"Don't feel so alone; I suffer, though it's not the same
Between my woman and my work, an abyss has opened up
How people suffer on both sides of the class divide!
You suffer in your mansion; I suffer beyond the city limits"

She said: "Come with me; let him know I'm not alone"
She put her hair up in a tail; we went to the bar they were at
Precisely as we entered, he was hugging a girl
How great destiny is and how small is this city!
It was my woman...

"What is taxi driver doing seducing life?
What is a taxi driver doing building a wound?
What is a taxi driver doing when a gentleman's schedule
and endeavor coincide with those of his woman," I wondered

Since that night they play the cheating game on us
They see each other at the same bar...and the blonde hails the taxi
always at ten at the same place...

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As is the case with most (if not all) creative texts worthy of translation, other versions are definitely possible. This just happens to be mine Smile

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Historia del Taxista

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