Hunting Season (Jagdzeit)

  • Artista: Megaherz
  • Álbum: Götterdämmerung 2012, Jagdzeit single 2011
  • Canción: Jagdzeit
traducción al Inglés

Hunting Season

Featuring in full glory
The good Lord made ​​a vamp
From a good house, spoiled and smart
The grave stone of potent engravers
She is chasing the trend, she's dangerous
Obscene, vulgar, profound, and honest
tempts, whores and provocative
The hussy has you in her hand

I am small, my heart is pure
Can't you be my toy?

Chorus: Hunting season, it's hunting season.
So run, run baby run.

The bitch that everyone knows by name
The hook that already hangs you up from your heart

Run, run baby Run

The smile as real as her tits
Magnet for men with big sleds
She plays with charms and makes you hot
Her love is fickle and sinfully expensive
The hot trap that wipes the floor with you
The snake, which you served up every ice cold lie

The bitch that everyone knows by name
The bitch who's burning you on the ass right now.

I am small, my heart is pure
Don't you want to be my victim?


The puppet who drives sleds with you
The blonde poison that consumes your heart

Hunting season, Run baby run

Lying bitch, you impulsive hussy
In bed you have your hands on the rudder

Your lips, your mouth, your sex
Your will has bewitched me

Your eyes, your smell, your hair
Your knowledge, your power, your chains,
Your dirt, my conscious, your power,
My hands, your gaze, your thread,
My lust, your fucking

Hunting season!


The woman that always attracts and calls
that searches for the length of the prey

Run, run baby, run

The track is fresh, she's ready to pounce
Slaughtering in the clearing

Run, run baby, run!

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