The flower I got from my rose (Kit virágot rózsám adott )

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The flower I got from my rose

The flower I got from my rose
didn't even wither before he left me, aiii-aiii-aiii
The cause of that was a woman too
may the god of heavens beat her
You know my rose, what you promised
when you were in my little garden, aiii-aiii-aiii
I asked for a rose, you gave me carnation
aiii, your soul was so deceitful, aiii-aiii-aiii
My heart hurts on the inside and on the outside
sorrow compresses it from two sides
The sorrow like mine
has no equal on this wide world aiii-aiii-aiii
Publicado por alder el Vie, 14/06/2013 - 14:16
Comentarios del autor:

Calling somebody your "rose" is a little
archaic/folk way of saying "sweetheart".
When it goes "I asked for a rose" that means she
wanted love, because giving somebody a rose
(especially a red one) is sign of romantic love
in Hungary and maybe in 99% of the rest of the
world, I don't know, I'm ignorant. Smile

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Kit virágot rózsám adott

Kit virágot rózsám adott
el sem hervadt már elhagyott, ajajajajj.
Annak is egy asszony oka,
verje meg az egek ura.
Tudod rózsám mit fogadtál,
mikor kiskertemben jártál, ajajajajj.
Rózsát kértem szegfűt adtál,


Por favor, ayuda a traducir "Kit virágot rózsám adott "
Calusarul     Junio 14th, 2013

I think it's "when you were in my little garden"

alder     Junio 15th, 2013

Corrected, thanks.