The flower I got from my rose (Kit virágot rózsám adott )

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The flower I got from my rose

The flower I got from my rose
didn't even wither before he left me, aiii-aiii-aiii
The cause of that was a woman too
may the god of heavens beat her
You know my rose, what you promised
when you were in my little garden, aiii-aiii-aiii
I asked for a rose, you gave me carnation
aiii, your soul was so deceitful, aiii-aiii-aiii
My heart hurts on the inside and on the outside
sorrow compresses it from two sides
The sorrow like mine
has no equal on this wide world aiii-aiii-aiii
Publicado por alder el Vie, 14/06/2013 - 14:16
Comentarios del autor:

Calling somebody your "rose" is a little
archaic/folk way of saying "sweetheart".
When it goes "I asked for a rose" that means she
wanted love, because giving somebody a rose
(especially a red one) is sign of romantic love
in Hungary and maybe in 99% of the rest of the
world, I don't know, I'm ignorant. Smile

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Kit virágot rózsám adott

Kit virágot rózsám adott
el sem hervadt már elhagyott, ajajajajj.
Annak is egy asszony oka,
verje meg az egek ura.


Por favor, ayuda a traducir "Kit virágot rózsám adott "
Calusarul     Junio 14th, 2013

I think it's "when you were in my little garden"

alder     Junio 15th, 2013

Corrected, thanks.