In the house with little reeds


La casa cu trestioară

Foaie verde, sălcioară,
La Ploiești pe-o mărgioară,
La casa cu trestioară, of-of,
Zace-un voinicel de-o boală, măi-măi

Nu știu, zace, ori ce face,
Căci gurița nu-i mai tace,
Zaci, voinice, ori te scoală, of-of,
Ori mai da-mi si mie boala, măi-măi

Că mie mi s-a urât, of,
Pernioara tot mutând
Când la umbră, când la soare, of-of,
Ce să mă fac, frățioare? of-of!

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In the house with little reeds

Green leaves, salcioara (a commune in Romania),
Out on the edge of Ploesti (a town, county seat),
In the house with little reeds, oh, oh,
A young man lies with sickness, hey hey

I don’t know, (if) he lies there, or what he does,
Because there are not kisses; it is once again silent,
You lie there, young man, or get up, oh-oh,
Or once more return to me, and my sickness, hey-hey

That I should have my wish, oh,
Moving all the pillows
When in shadow, when in sun, oh-oh,
What shall I do, brother? Oh-oh!

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