Chicano Batman - La Samoana (traducción al Inglés)

traducción al Inglés

The Samoan Girl

And the other day I saw her
In the apartment
The other day I saw her
I went dumb
She was ironing her clothes with her hot soul
She was cooking soup with her hot soul
Her skin was dark
Delightful essence
Her hair so long
It touched her butt
And it poisoned me how with just one look
I would sigh so deep
That I was left without air
And the other day I talk to her
I asked her out
And I didn't think about her much and she told me yes
And my heart felt so nice
My heart felt so nice for good reason
Precious samoan girl warming my heart
Precious samoan girl would sing singing her sound
Free like the tide
When we shine on the path
Enjoying the night
Moving to the music
Moving to the rhythm
Of her beating heart
And sweat drips
From her lips
She wants to be...
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La Samoana

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