Crazy And Proud (Lud i ponosan)

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Crazy And Proud

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who believe in you
who feel your body
naively to lie you
nobody know like me
to hear your voice
and to turn head away
when you look in my face,
does anybody knows like me
I can return you with the end of the world (???)
only,for my own craziness
to pay you a lil bit
i am crazy and proud again
you would be far but always come back
coz you don't have where (to go)
and you don't know how to understand this
only God knows, that without you I can't
but we hurts when we're together
your way is to me
like a scattered milk (?)
and all your rooms
nobody knows like me
God It's not like this, I know
but I don't know what is happening
as much I know you better like a finger
everything is heavy to me
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Lud i ponosan

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