My soiled memory (Ma mémoire sale)

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My soiled memory

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My soiled memory in this river of mud,
With the tip of your tongue cleanse me everywhere
And don't leave the slightest trace
At all
That which binds me, tires me
Track her in me, it's only in me that she lives,
And when you have her at the end of your rifle,
Don't listen if she implores you,
You know
That she must die a second death
So then,
Kill her ... again.
I did it before you and it is useless,
What good is it to flood the pillows with sobs?
I tried, I tried
But I have
A dry heart and swollen eyes
But I have
A dry heart and swollen eyes
So burn!
Burn when you slip into my great bed of ice
My bed like a floe that melts in your embrace
Nothing is sad
nothing is important
If I have
Your body like a stream of lava
My soiled memory in its river of mud
Wash it!
Wash it!
My soiled memory in this river of mud
Wash it!
Publicado por cordovez el Lun, 21/05/2012 - 09:41
Comentarios del autor:

• Song title "Ma memoire sale" would translate as "My dirty memory", but in English that has the connotation of "dirty thoughts" ... something sexual or pornographic. Given that the first line speaks of a river of mud, soiled seems more appropriate. Using "muddy" would be redundant.

"... sanglots inonder les coussins" I have used the alternative "pillows" to "coussins" given that this song is sung in bed in the movie.

"Ton corps comme un torrent de lave" here the word "lave" means "lava". Elsewhere is the imperative "Wash"

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Ma mémoire sale

Ma mémoire sale dans ce fleuve de boue,
Du bout de ta langue nettoie moi partout,
Et ne laisse pas la moindre trace
De tout
Ce qui me lie et qui me lasse