Make A Wish

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Make A Wish

Make a wish

When tears are like a comet
Sliding down your palm
Can't hold it tight

Don't be sad
It's all right
This world is still young
(Our dreams are still young)

Love doesn't have wings
But it can still fly to your heart
Don't be afraid
Don't worry
Can't you sense
This love
Is so strong

Will you make a wish?
Make a wish
Close your eyes
A wish is a well
Make a wish
Make a wish
You'll hear a sincere echo

Let us make a wish
Make a wish
Promise together we'll see the most beautiful scenery
All this won't be a dream

As long as you believe with all your heart

Publicado por embryonique el Mar, 08/02/2011 - 10:57
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Diyora     Marzo 1st, 2011

I have something to say.
First of all, the verb 'sense' is vt.
So you can only say 'can't you feel' or 'can't you sense it'
and, Chinese 一起约定,means AGREEMENT, we don't say PROMISE TOGETHER.
Not fly to your heart, it's FLY INTO YOUR HEART. And there is a English song called [Let Me Fly Into Your Heart] , you can see it on Last.FM

That's all, Diyora