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Just pictured
But so often
Deep inside of me
It scream loudly
For you
Don't you hear it?
I call pleadingly for you
To hold, I burn
To love, I live
Only for you
Don't you see it?
My heart awaits you
It came to love you
But now I burn
Don't you see it?
Here inside of me
The night shines
Over you
And the dream breaks
As it often does
In the light
Don't you hear it?
I call ...
I believe
I fear
You - me - us
Publicado por Steena el Mar, 02/02/2010 - 21:40
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Ludwig Abendrot5 años 25 semanas
Mauler     Febrero 2nd, 2010

malina = Himbeer(Strauch) auf polnisch XD

phillipj     Diciembre 13th, 2010

The artist is Lacrimosa. The song is on their 2003 album: "Echos."

Mauler     Diciembre 13th, 2010

thx, done