It Hurts Me*


Me Puede

Me voy, estoy decidida 
y me duele al tomar la salida 
lo sé

Seguiré pensando en los lazos 
que tejimos, cuando nos besamos 

Hoy parto, diciéndote adiós 
ojalá el futuro me regrese tu amor 

Me puede tanto vernos partir
espero que no sea el fin 
puede que yo vuelva a pasar por aquí 
y que sin duda, nos volvamos a unir 

Corro pago mi tarifa 
subo al tren y volteo de prisa a ti 

Sigues ahí parado
tus ojos reflejan el daño que te di 
aún así logras comprender 
que los dos tenemos cosas que resolver 

Me puede tanto vernos partir 
espero que no sea el fin 
puede que yo vuelva a pasar por aquí
y que sin duda, nos volvamos a unir
y que sin duda yo sea tu latir 
y que sin duda me hagas muy feliz

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 Intentar alinear

It Hurts Me*

I'm leaving, I'm determined
And it pains me to walk away 
I know

I'll keep on thinking about the ties
That we created, when we kissed 

Today I leave, bidding you farewell
I hope that the future gives me back your love

It hurts me so much to see us part
I hope that it's not the end
Maybe I'll pass by here again
and without a doubt, we'll be reunited 

I run, I pay my fare
I get on the train and hastily turn my head towards you

You're still stood there
Your eyes reflect the hurt I caused you 
Even so you can understand 
That the two of us have things to sort out

It hurts me so much seeing us part
I hope it's not the end 
Maybe I'll pass by here again
And without a doubt, we'll be reunited 
And without a doubt I'll be your every heartbeat
And without a doubt you'll make me very happy

Publicado por Vimto12 el Sáb, 01/09/2012 - 23:11
Comentarios del autor:

* the singer is Mexican and this expression is specific to Mexico.
I found this on wordreference:

(fam) (me, te, le etc)
b. (Méx.) (doler) : tu indiferencia le puede mucho: she's very hurt by your indifference; nos pudo mucho la muerte de Julio: we were terrible upset by Julio's death

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dowlenon1     Septiembre 1st, 2012

Excellent translation Smile

I just want to know about something:

'bidding you farewell' - does it look like 'saying goodbye to you'?

Because I still don't know this expression, and if by any chance it means the same as that, so I would add it to my vocab Smile

Vimto12     Septiembre 1st, 2012

Thanks Smile
Yeah, 'bidding someone farewell' is a much more formal and posh way of 'saying goodbye to someone' Smile

dowlenon1     Septiembre 1st, 2012

Oh, cool Smile It explains the reason why I didn't know this expression. Laughing out loud Thanks for explaining.