My Best Friend (Mon meilleur ami)

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My Best Friend

You're tiny, my best friend
I bring you with me everywhere I am
I talk to you like I do to a man, sweet and sensitive
The only thing that annoys me is changing the batteries
I love life a lot, no bothers at all
I appreciate the guarantee you offer me in bed
Infinite pleasure, everywhere I am
The only thing that annoys me is changing the batteries
My romantic disappointments
Don't make me unhappy
I know I can count on you
But you make me fearful
Lonely love
I feel I no longer have the skill
To know ahead of time if the next boy
Will know how to do it
Each time my brain asks me for it
I slip my hand into my bag, auto control
I look for a peaceful corner and on the way, I ask for
A new set of batteries for my remote control
My girl friends appreciate you, my boy friends too
You're welcome at every surprise party
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Mon meilleur ami

Tu es tout petit, mon meilleur ami
Je t'emmène avec moi partout où je suis
Je te parle comme à un homme, doux et sensible
La seule chose qui m'agace est de changer les piles
J'aime beaucoup la vie, pas de tout l'ennui
J'apprécie la garantie que tu m'offres au lit
Le plaisir infini partout où je suis