His temper



Eih akhbar nafseto 3ashan a2oullu wakallem hadreto
3ashan amahhedlo* w ashof, sekketo, w shofleh 7aly ma3ah.
7add y2oully(*) nsam* moodo*, asla ana batlkhbat fi wgoodo
Ya weily mennoh, ya broodo, el kon mashi 3ala hawah.
3ammal 3eid(*) fi elly ha2oulu; washoufo, baskot wala a2oulu
Mafish tare2 badkholholo/tadkholholo, ela w yseddo fi wesh.
Aga* a2oullu kelma w ye2affel, da sa3b geddan w m2affel
Sahrana 3einy wala betghaffel, ya 3einy sorry, ma3alesh

Sa2* fiha 3aref enny 7abeebto, w amoot w aro7 fiha, law sebto
Wallah elly zayyo beyetzebto, dayman b arset wedn*
Bass el shahada* elli (li?) 3ashrto, banet li tayyeba(*) wara teksherto
3ashan keda ana rahn e(t)sharto* bakhdo* fi sawany bi el 7odn"

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His temper

How is his temper?? so that I can tell him and talk to his majesty
So that I can open the subject, test the water and find a solution for myself
Some one please tell me how his mood works , because I am nervous around him
I am fed up with him and his indifference(coldness), the world revolves around him
I am by-hearting what I want to say ( but) once I see him I forget
He is closing all the doors in my face ( tried all ways with him but he is not giving in)
I say a word and he shut me up ( change the subject) , He is hard to get and conceited
My eye is awake without a blink of sleep , I am Sorry my eye

He is pushing it too far because he knows I am in love with him and I would die if I give up and leave him
I swear this type can only come around with a pinch in the ear ( with force)
But truth to be told, after knowing him I saw his kindness behind his frown
Thats why I am under his service, I give in to him in seconds ( take him in my embrace)

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I tried my best to convey the meaning..because it mostly written in slangs..so they are hard to translate

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