Let the kiss draw your lips (Naj ti poljub nariše ustnice)

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Let the kiss draw your lips

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You are three days away. Alone.
Three days away is awfully far away.
Morning is waiting for me outside,
Now I'm too scared to dream alone.
You know, now i'm drawing a cheek.
I pick up a finger through pearl drizzy.
You unroof the roof with your hair.
Maybe Zagreb? Tomorrow Trieste?
Let the kiss draw your lips,
Let the vampire wakes gipsy!
Bite them!
Let the kiss draw your lips.
First sun on your cheek
raises ice chimneys.
Sad ships, hidden
between long gray streets.
Should you keep your eyes open?
I want to hear again what you are!
Still full of stars on eyelids,
you're waiting for swallows.
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Naj ti poljub nariše ustnice

Tri dni si daleč. Sama.
Tri dni je strašno daleč stran.
Jutro me čaka zunaj.
Zdaj več ne upam sanjat sam.


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