You'll Never Know


Niciodată n-ai să știi


Niciodată n-ai să știi
Cât de mult te pot iubi,
Când te văd trecând pe stradă
Îmi pierd cheful de viață.

Dacă și tu m-ai iubi,
Ce fericit aș mai fi!
Lângă mine, fată,
Să împărțim aceeași soartă.

Și la un colț de străduță
Era o fată drăguță,
Și cu mâna îmi făcea
Ca să mă duc lânga ea.

Lângă ea când am ajuns,
Fata de nevoie a plâns *
Și mi-a spus cu voce tare:
„Te iubesc la disperare.”

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* (alternative) Mâna pe mine a pus

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You'll Never Know

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You'll never know
How much I could love you,
When I see you passing in the street
I lose my enthusiasm for life.¹

If you loved me,
How happy I would be!
With you by my side, girl,
Let's share the same fate.

And on a corner of the lane
There was a pretty girl,
And she waved her hand at me
As if to beckon me to her.

When I reached her side,
The girl wept unwillingly²
And said to me in a hard voice:
"I love you to despair."

Publicado por fulicasenia el Vie, 30/03/2012 - 23:14
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¹Or would a better translation be 'will to live?' I don't know Romanian idioms well enough to tell.

²The alternative line here ("Mâna pe mine a pus") didn't show up on this page, but it's "She put her hand in mine."

In the video, they only sing the last two verses. If you put the first two after the last two, it actually makes more sense as a narrative, although that would also make it the first yuri manea I've ever heard Smile

I love this song, and the video is also great! Thanks for posting this, Calusarul!

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"Will to live" and "enthusiasm for life" are pretty similar or close in my opinion and I think "cheful de viață" can be translated by any of them.