Tu ai fost primul vers
Propriul meu univers
Imi gaseam alinarea in tine
Dar ai vrut sa ma vezi
Doar in noptiile reci
Doar cand tu ai nevoie de mine

(II)Tu ai fost primul pas
Mi-ar fi greu sa te las
Astazi totul depinde de tine
Daca tie ti-e greu
Ce-as putea spune eu
Toate noptiile stau marturie

Ref. Inima mea e ca un hotel
Din cand in cand te opresti la mine
M-am saturat vreau sa pleci din el
Vreau tot sau nimic de maine

 Intentar alinear


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You were the first verse
My own universe ----> yes
I found comfort in you
But you wanted to see me
Only in the cold nights
Only when you needed me

You were the first step
It would be hard for me to leave you ----> yes
Today everything depends on you/it's up to you
If for you is hard
What can I say -----> yes
All the [sleepless] nights are the proof.

My heart is like a hotel
From time to time you stay at me
I've had it/I'm sick of it, I want you to leave
I want everything or nothing from tomorrow on

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