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a dewy grass gets stuck on your shoes (tennarit are a type of shoes, made of fabric, converse allstar-style)
the park is empty when you tell about you father, you tell about your mother too
how they met
on a ridge (called) Pyynikki

the dawn is coming and there's already a man carrying the mail
worn-out jumpsuit
looks at you rustling, you look at me, i look at you
your scent makes me dizzy
you lean towards me

stop i'm not allowed to fall in love (or i shouldn't fall in love)
it only means sadness and makes miserable
stop for misery
i'm not allowed to fall in love, it only means sadness
turn down
turn down (the sound of) my heart

you're so gorgeous, i wished to have you in my dreams
now you're real and
and now you're feeble morning eyes are looking at me
i lose my breath when
i lean towards you

turn down the heart

seagulls scream when the streets are being cleaned
you ask for my number, i get a business card
your back is getting farther away
and i start thinking
i'll never call
i get carried by the destiny

i'm not allowed to fall in love

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