Smoke [ Kapnos (Kαπνός) ]


Kapnos (Kαπνός)

Πιο ζεστό φιλί
δεν ένιωσα ξανά
και με νικά.
Μαζί σου ό,τι έζησα
αγκαλιά γερή
-Σύμπτωση απλή-
που επέζησα.

Λες, είναι σκληρό
με τόσο εγωισμό
και με θυμό.
Σε σένα ν'απευθύνομαι
αν σε πίστεψα
-Εγώ μονάχα εγώ-
Τι να πω κι εγώ
που όλα τα περίμενα.
-Μα, έγιναν αλλιώς
που άναβες φωτιές
με όλα αυτά που μου'ταζες.
-Μα, έμειν' ο καπνός.

Δες, γυρίζω εδώ
μετά από καιρό
και σου ζητώ
ακόμα μια συνάντηση.
Μα στα δύσκολα
-Δεν έχεις ούτε μια -Απάντηση!

Pio zesto fili
*den eniosa xana
ke me nika
mazi sou oti ezisa
Agalia yeri
-Simtosi apli-
pou epezisa

Les, ine skliro
me toso eyoismo
ke me thimo
Se sena n'apefthinome
an se pistepsa
-eyo, monaha eyo-
Ti na po ki eyo
pou ola ta perimena
-Ma, eyinan alios
Pou anaves foties
me ola afta pou mou tazes
Ma, emine o kapnos

*Des, yirizo *edo
meta apo kero
ke sou zito
akoma mia sinandisi
Ma sta *diskola
*Den ehis oute mia apandisi

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Comentarios del uploader:
1) The letter y is pronounced in the same way as in the word "yellow".
2) When you find the symbol "*" before a word that contains "d", it means that "d" is pronounced in the same way as "th" in the word "that". But where there isn't, "th" is pronounced as "th" in the word "think". "d" without * is prounced normally as in the word "day".

Pyo zesto feelee*
den** eniosa xana
Ke me neeka
Mazee soo otee ezeesa
aggalia yeree
Seemptosee aplee
poo epezeesa

Les eene skleero
me toso egoismo
ke me theemo
Se sena n' apeftheenome
an se peestepsa
Ego monaha ego
Ti na po ke ego
poo ola ta pereemena
Ma eyinan allios
poo anaves fotyes
me ola afta poo moo etazes
Ma emeene o kapnos

Des yirizo edo
meta apo kero
ke soo zeeto
akoma mia seenanteesee
Ma sta deeskola
Den ehees oote mia apanteesee

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Comentarios del uploader:
* ee pronounced like in the word "sheet"
** wherever there is a d it is pronounced like the word "them"
***wherever there is th it is pronounced like the word "think"
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Versiones: #1#2

A hotter kiss
I didn’t feel again
And it won over me
With you that what I searched
A big hug(not sure how to translate geri..)
- A simple coincidence-
That I survived

You say it’s hard
With so much selfishness
and with anger
In you I’m addressed(?) (I guess it's more like, I belong to you... )
If I believed you
-Me, only me –
I’m responsible
what can i say
That i waited for everything
But they became differently
That you turned to fires
With all that you promised
But, I remained the smoke

You see, I turn here
After time
And i search for you
Another meeting
But it’s difficult
You dont even have an answer!

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