• Artista: Hector (Heikki Veikko Harma)
  • Álbum: Nostalgia
  • Canción: Nostalgia
traducción al Inglés


I'm floating strangely in time
is this a dream or not
I fly from a place to place
and my shadow doesn't recognize me

There was a scent of pines and Midsummer night
and my gentle mother
there was a salty air and starry sky
in a moment they were wiped away

In a map there's a little ball
you can call it Earth or the world
and inside of a little skull
the human fights in his war

This nostalgia belongs always the one
who dares to think and wonder
soon the earth will split, what sees the one
who stares at the sky

It's easy to stay quiet
and settle always for halfs
give up in a calm silence
if the stronger ones demand that

There are clowns on the great moon
they wave to the children of world
Another hungry mouth will be without food
so that the circus can work

I don't know what is right
or wrong or reprehensible
which egg is the most oval
when there's million of them

But I know the fact that a human can't
change anything alone but himself
I know that a man who searches for past
will walk trough many Hells

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