From lips to feet (Od usana do stopala)

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From lips to feet

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With you I get burned
like never with anybody in my life
i keep myself from that fire even now
i will have a hundred womens
but, it won't be the right thing
like it was with you
Those raff lips of you
made me fall in love with you
and i still got love in me
O, what is hell like
when snow is so hot as cocoa
since you re not here
i know, your shoes are tight
and miracles are not possible
that you love me faithfully and infinitely
Even if i have long life
i won't find the cure with some other girl
i will wish you forever
while my heart remembers
his dark misfortune
you are the biggest one
and i liked you so much
from lips to feet
hey, my collapsed happines
I listen to same stories
that people in love look the same
but we are not anymore in that story
wish me luck
to be faster then the sorrow
to handle this madness
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Od usana do stopala

Sa tobom sam se opek'o
kao ni sa jednom pre
od te vatre i sad čuvam se
imaću ja žena sto
al' to neće biti to
k'o što mi se s tobom desilo
Te tvoje usne barabe


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MayGoLoco     Marzo 31st, 2011

Stopala = feet, ne foots ili feets Wink