Old wound [ Palia pliyi (Παλιά πληγή) ]

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Old wound

Deep wound, old wound
my precious, my own
I tear it away at my heart
it sprouts up in my garden
It mindwinter blossoms
when voices abate
It has a dense foliage
and nails that can make a nick
Beloved faces
beloved eyes
They come as waves
and leave dregs behind them
My smile is dying off
it drinks my tears
It comes when I'm with friends
and it replaces my speech
Deep wound, old wound
tell me what to look at
Should I enter a dark world
or hug you again?
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Palia pliyi (Παλιά πληγή)

Βαθιά πληγή, παλιά πληγή
μονάκριβη, δική μου.
Την ξεριζώνω απ' την καρδιά,
φυτρώνει στην αυλή μου.
Ανθίζει καταχείμωνο
που οι φωνές κοπάζουν,
Έχει τη φυλλωσιά πυκνή


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