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Panama Connection

Find your silhouette with Polaroid - Stop
Key name of a woman - Stop
Sealed envelope without an address
It will be delivered to you in your hands - Stop
Do not distract yourself - Stop
It's a matter of principle and honor
Good luck, friend
Good luck - Stop
Panama Connection: that's your mission - Stop
The engines have stopped already
I get out of the plane
I have to wait
The heat awakens my senses
But I know that the tension
Will increase
I'd like to rest
But before that I have to find
My contact in Panama
The palm trees dance on the beach
Tropical rhythm, the Caribbean is right behind
Waves that crash in the distance
That smell of salt, ships of coral
I'd like to rest
But before that I have to find
My contact in Panama
I left my luggage at the hotel
Someone's making signs to me, I follow him
Something falls on the ground, a piece of paper
It's a woman's name!
I go inside a coffee shop, and take back control
A lump of sugar, a swig of rum
Who is she, brother? Tell me who she is
The beating of my heart
Has sped up
When she comes in
She's as proud as the sun
As undulating as the sea
She's my Panama connection
Panama Connection
Panama Connection
Panama Connection
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Panamá Connection

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