Petersburg's Spring [ Peterburgskaya Vesna (Петербургская Весна) ]

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Petersburg's Spring

I'm counting steps, I'm searching in depth
It seems that we are different, that its a dream
My hand will shake calmly 'coz of silent emptiness
My thoughts sink (disappear) in eyes of eternal first spring
Fires, bridges, senseless dreams
Wall's clocks burns (makes disappear) my life
We've got frozen, we've forgotten
That strange city sings about warmness
Fires die out, the city closes the bridges
Warmness of Petersburg's spring melts (disappear) in windows
It seems that there are only two of us over the bright moon
In labyrinth of Neva that always is weird
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Peterburgskaya Vesna (Петербургская Весна)

Я сверяю шаги, я ищу в глубине
Словно стали не те, и как будто во сне
Тихо вздрогнет рука от немой пустоты
Тонут мысли в глазах вечно первой весны
Огни, мосты, пустые сны
Сжигают жизнь часы на стене
Замерзли мы, забыли мы


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