Dolls' Seller [ Prodavets kukol (Продавец кукол) ]

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Dolls' Seller

I like this city but it is silent in the night
It was defenceless and killed, it is mute of its own funerals
It is indifferent to its own killers
It seems that somebody thinks that we are naive like children
But its wrong, our enemy is sure of itself
But I can see that everyone around me dies coz of boredom (are very bored)
They go, go right to enemies hands (it can catch them)
Don't nourish hope, I'll steal you, just give me a sign
We have to.escape right now till they don't catch you
Where is it, where is a dolls' seller?
Warm my fingers, it doesn't feel pity for us
Look, somebody else scared it and our enemy catch itself
It won't abandon its plans
It thinks we are big toys
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Not word-by-word
I used here "it" because enemy and dolls seller means government, power, politics and etc

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Prodavets kukol (Продавец кукол)

Люблю этот город, но он молчит по ночам
Безоружен, убит, своих похорон безучастный свидетель
Равнодушный к своим палачам
Похоже кто-то решил, что мы наивны как дети.
Но как-бы не так, и как-бы не был спокоен наш враг
Но я же вижу, как все вокруг умирая от скуки
Идут-идут к нему прямо в руки.


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