Fake kiss [ Pseftiko Fili (Ψεύτικο Φιλί)  ]

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Fake kiss

From the day that we broke up
I feel like I am on the void of sky
Everything became memories
And i know that you will never come back
Into my heart
you are still a bitter memory
I am just a body
because you took its soul
I still want you
you haven't left even for one minute
I keep a picture
with a fake kiss
I spent my years far away from you
and everything have changed definitely
there's still something on the air
but i don't know if i can take it
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Pseftiko Fili (Ψεύτικο Φιλί)

Απ΄τη μέρα του χωρισμού
νιώθω να΄μαι στο κενό του ουρανού
τα πάντα γίναν αναμνήσεις
και το ξέρω δε θα γυρίσεις πίσω


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