Argentinian Point (Punto Argentino)

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Argentinian Point

There's no worse argentinian that its own assassin.
There's no better argentinian if there's no another worse.
If I have no history nor tradition,
Is it that I don't have memory, so, not much heart.
If I'm from the interior, I'm not inside
What kind of future awaits me if they govern from the outside.
In the capital fighting against the capital
the national pride is winning a world cup in the Monumental.
we are argentinians in third person,
is it that we are in the canvas, they want to punch us
¿May I say who are the argentinians from the argentinas?
The ones that carried nowhere or the malvinas.
If the little islands are argentinians and talk english
¿What's left for the rest at the backside?
We are the argentinians, the ones that never came,
And if I can't stay, the moon and the river will cry me.
¿Did you see how many countries doensn't exist anyomore?
we had as manners, the manners with great dignity
and four cardinal points, because less is not cardinal.
That is the argentinian point!
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Punto Argentino

No hay peor argentino que su propio asesino.
No hay argentino mejor si no hay otro peor.
Si no tengo historia ni tengo tradición,
será que no tengo memoria, pues, ni mucho corazón.
Si soy del interior no estoy adentro,
qué futuro me espera si gobiernan desde afuera.
En la Capital combatiendo el capital,


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