Stay with me (Quédate conmigo)

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Stay with me

Tell me that it isn't true that now you're thinking
of leaving, or that you're only going
to travel for a while, tell me you will come back soon,
You will stay and still want to
stay, that if you do leave for sure I don't want to
even think of what will become of my life...
Tell me that there is nothing that can
replace me, that it is a good love
that you live with me today, that in my
nights your light shines on me, that even though
you're far away, you will be thinking of me, that never
will you forget me and that now you love me more than
you could have dreamed, that you've fallen
In love...
Lie to me, I will believe you, say that I am
your true desire, but I don't want you to
tell me that for me your life no longer feels
anything. Lie to me, I will believe you even though
it tears my soul apart, because it is better
to believe that you love me. Look, don't go
Stay with me...
Stay, (stay), stay my love, oh, oh,
Oh, stay with me now...
Tell me that you have thought better about things
That the love you feel will still be
eternal, that today more than ever you love me
truly, because in your mind I exist,that's
all, that the doubt is no longer there, that I am
your happiness, that for me you'd give your life...
Simply tell me now that you're not going away
And that leaving my side did not pass through your
mind, that in my nights your light
shines on me, that even though you're far away,
you will be thinking of me, that you will never forget me
And that you love me more today than you ever
dreamed, that you have fallen in love...
And don't leave me,no, don't go far away from me,
Understand that without you I could
die, understand please that it is not
easy to live if you say that your love
is no longer mine...
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Quédate conmigo

Dime que no es cierto que hoy piensas
Marcharte, o que solamente te iras de
Viaje un tiempo, dime que pronto de vuelta
Tú estarás y que a mi lado todavía quieres
Estar, que si del todo te vas yo no quiero
Ni pensar lo que será de mi vida...
Dime que no hay nada que a mi pueda