Somebody Told Me (Quelqu’un m’a dit)

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Somebody Told Me

I am told that our lives are not worth much,
They pass in an instant as roses fade.
I am told that the time slips is a bastard
as our sorrows, he made coats
But someone told me ...
That you still love
Someone told me that you still love me.
Could that be possible?
They tell me that destiny makes fun of us
That gives us nothing and promises everything we
Seem that happiness is within reach,
So we reach out, and we find ourselves crazy
But someone told me ...
But who is it that told me that you still love me? "
I do remember it was late at night,
I still hear the voice, but I do not see the face
"He likes you, its secret and not tell him that j'vous have said"
You see someone told me ...
That you still love me someone truly said ...
That you still loved me, would this be so?
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Quelqu’un m’a dit

On me dit que nos vies ne valent pas grand-chose
Elles passent en un instant comme fanent les roses
On me dit que le temps qui glisse est un salaud
Que de nos chagrins il s'en fait des manteaux
Pourtant quelqu'un m'a dit...
Que tu m'aimais encore


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Sounds like a copy of previous translations, with added bad English.