Wraith [ Reisu (レイス) ]

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Staring absently out the window
I felt morning would never come

If I held it tightly in my palm
I wonder, will the night melt
Softly like ice?

Without understanding our origin
We keep on living
From our moment of consciousness

If the end is the same
I think it's too painful
Will I see you in my dreams?

Let me hear a song of love
Say to me "I love you"
I'll go to you when daylight comes
Although you can't see me

Although it didn't have to be me
It was me
That was chosen by this world

The gradually melting night
Before it flows away will melt me too

Let me hear a song of love
I feel I know you
When I tire of sleep
I'll kiss your cheek
But you won't realise

Let me hear a song of love
Say to me "I love you"
You are amazing
So very beautiful
Full of hope
I give you a kiss
I'll see you again
I have to go

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Reisu (レイス)

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