I'm taking off from love (Sa ljubavi se skidam)

  • Artista: Aca Lukas (Аца Лукас (b. Александар Вуксановић))
  • Álbum: Istina je da te lažem
  • Canción: Sa ljubavi se skidam
  • Traducciones: Inglés #1, #2

I'm taking off from love

Versiones: #1#2

By knife blade I walked
in that hell i found my paradise
dont bind to something
you cant leave

Hey love the worst disease
your scar I am pulling from my youth

Go away, I'm taking off from love
I qiut, with that is over
go away because if you come closer
I will take that poison again

You dont feel habit
all hurts so you don't know to quit

Dont bind ever

Publicado por janakyss el Jue, 20/01/2011 - 16:20
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he is addicted to love....

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Sa ljubavi se skidam

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MayGoLoco     Enero 21st, 2011

If you're going to post a translation, make sure it's your own translation.
A copied translation made by someone else, with some of your corrections isn't sufficient!!!