The Perfect Woman (Savršena žena)

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The Perfect Woman

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I sometimes look strange to you, I know
when I give love in the wrong way
in a minute the heart does something wrong
but I am the one who lives only for us
And you've been through a lot of things before me
all of the towns and women, all of the exams
to me you don't have to be good or beautiful
cause, my dear, it doesn't matter, I love you
I am for you the perfect woman, the best
I would die at the same moment with you
there is a bridge from my heart to your heart
I love you the most, God only loves the most
Tenderly embrace me, while walking across the town
love is everything we have now
you did everything and you were yourself
but, my dearest, simply, you are mine
Publicado por mabushii el Dom, 03/06/2012 - 00:43

Savršena žena

čudno ti ponekad izgledam, znam
kada na način kriv ljubav ti dam
pogrešno učini srce za čas
al ja sam ta koja živi samo za nas
A ti si prije mene prošao baš sve
sve gradove i sve žene, sve ispite
ne moraš meni biti ni dobar ni lijep


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