Sharp #

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Sharp #

It's not love, I can't feel
The wish was simply fleeting
You were only a light
I focused my gaze on
Before the strobe lights of time that sweep you away,
I'll break through my own fate
And I'll quickly chase after you
I want to become that star
The promise we made
Was that we would not make promises
Ah, it looks like time is stopping!
I wonder what reality is?
I wonder where we're going?
Be the monochrome dreams that entice me,
I'll illuminate the galaxy
And tonight, without hesitating, I rip open my chest
I want to become that star
It's okay if it's an illusion
As I'm approaching that hot back,
I chase the miracle of a split second
Until I turn to dust
It's just an instant's light,
But you've got to reach it no matter what
Your beating heart transcends time,
So go on without leaving footprints behind
It's okay if it's ordinary
Let's show our true character with love
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Sharp #

愛じゃない 触れない
きみだけ それだけ


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IndomitoRabu     Julio 25th, 2012

At last I can understand this song Smile
Thanks a lot! Laughing out loud

reversebladesword     Julio 25th, 2012

It's not a problem c: I'm glad I was able to help you understand this song better!