Her love has overcome me (Su amor me vencio)

traducción al Inglés

Her love has overcome me

You'll have better luck next time
That's what she said while she was telling goodbye
I feel like there's no walking back
That she won't ever come back
Yes, she decided to leave
Know that you can't
Ever come back
Her love got my heart broken
And it is all that I am
For loving her without any rancor
Her love has overcome me
And has parted my soul in two
I wish her the best
But the love there was between us, one day, sank
Her love ended up
By breaking my heart
And I've lost all my faith
In her skin's traps
Her love, one day, overcame you
And parted your soul in two
Listen to your heart
Recover your values
Be strong, be only brave
Play it free and don't ever come back
Falling (falling) into her skin's traps
Her love, one day, has made me learn
(Now) I feel my heart is alive
I wish her the best
But it's time to forget
That love
Publicado por Effily el Vie, 11/05/2012 - 05:17
Comentarios del autor:

There are some mistakes in the lyrics, but I translated the right version. So it's normal if some verses don't match to what is written.

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Su amor me vencio

Que haya más suerte otra vez
Ella dijo al despedirse
Siento que no hay marcha atras
Que ella nunca volvera
Si decidio partir
Saba que jamas
Debe regresar


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