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High school student


Traveling, listening to music, watching movies, reading, writing, languages, Northern Slavic history and culture. I occasionally write poems on my own, in English or Chinese. They are about history, social issues, or just common senses of human. I may post some of them in LT under my pen name Tuna Czeniewska. You can search for me in Artists section. As some poems are related to history or politics (I don't mean to write about politics but I just want to reflect some humanity through the poems), certain countries might be mentioned. But I don't want to and will not offend any of them. I respect and love every single culture in the world. If you feel uncomfortable about some of my works, please accept my apologies and feel free to speak to me! You are especially welcome if you would like to translate my works into any other language! Regular smile

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To be specific, I am in great love with Eastern Slavic music. Although I can't speak any Eastern Slavic language, I have some basic knowledge about Russian alphabet and would be happy to provide transliteration. I am also willing to provide Chinese translation for Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarusian songs with the help of English translation as a way to promote Eastern European music to the Chinese-speaking population. I am pleased to receive any suggestions and corrections about my translation!P.S. I might not be online very often due to my busy schedule. Sorry in advance if there's any delayed response!

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SodaGreenDream Back to Chernobyl Chino → InglésChino → Inglés
Irina Bilyk Ruso → ChinoRuso → Chino
Christian Hymns & Songs伟大誓言 II Antiguo eslavo eclesiástico → Chino
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Antiguo eslavo eclesiástico → Chino
1 agradecimiento
Tuna CzeniewskaTime Train Chino → InglésChino → Inglés
Hua ChenyuA King and a Beggar Chino → Inglés
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Chino → Inglés
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Tuna CzeniewskaHometown Chino → InglésChino → Inglés
Tuna CzeniewskaThe Last Dance Chino → InglésChino → Inglés
Tuna CzeniewskaPripyat at Dawn Chino → InglésChino → Inglés
Tuna Czeniewska基辅颂 Inglés → ChinoInglés → Chino
Irina Bilyk我的上帝 Ruso → ChinoRuso → Chino
Potap and NastyaNa rayone Ruso → Transliteración
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Ruso → Transliteración
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Marilyn Monroe不再回头的河流 Inglés → Chino
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Inglés → Chino
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Pussy RiotAktsya! Aktsya! Pussi Rayot likvidatsya! Pussi Rayot iz ded! Ruso → Transliteración
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Ruso → Transliteración
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Baby KВолио балларе кон тэ Italiano → TransliteraciónItaliano → Transliteración
Irina Bilyk请允许我 Ruso → ChinoRuso → Chino
Tina Karol迷失在雨中 Inglés → ChinoInglés → Chino
Irina BilykBozhe moy Ruso → TransliteraciónRuso → Transliteración
The Civil Wars将我带向远方 Inglés → ChinoInglés → Chino
Irina Bilyk镜子 Ruso → ChinoRuso → Chino
Christmas Carols平安夜 Alemán → ChinoAlemán → Chino
Irina BilykZerkala Ruso → TransliteraciónRuso → Transliteración