A Thorn in Your Eye (Trn u oku)

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A Thorn in Your Eye

You thought that I couldn't survive without you
Luckily it wasn't so, thank God
Now it can be heard, now it can be seen who is who
I saw the light without you
[chorus 2x]
I am now a thorn in your eye
For I'm happier than I ever was before
A thorn in your eye, I know what really hurts:
That I found better man to love me
Look around you, time flies
Your own denial is having its revenge
Admit that not even in your dreams
You'd see me on top, and you at the bottom
[Chorus 2x]
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Trn u oku

Mislio si da bez tebe ja ne mogu
al' na srecu nije tako hvala Bogu
sad se cuje, sad se vidi ko je ko
bez tebe mi svanulo
Ref. 2x
Trn u oku ja sam tebi sad
jer sam srecna vise nego ikad


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