Letra de Ordinary Love


Ordinary Love

The sea wants to kiss the golden shore,
the sunlight warms your skin,
all the beauty that's been lost before
wants to find us again

I can't fight you any more,
it's you I'm fighting for;
the sea throws rocks together
but time, leaves us polished stones

We can't fall any further
if we can't feel ordinary love,
and we cannot reach any higher
if we can't deal with ordinary love

Birds fly high in the summer sky
and rest on the breeze;
the same wind will take care of you and I,
we'll build our house in the trees

Your heart is on my sleeve;
did you put it there with a magic marker?
For years I would believe
that the world couldn't wash it away

'Cause (chorus)

Are we tough enough
for ordinary love?

(chorus) X2

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