A tear on your face (Una lacrima sul viso)

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A tear on your face

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From one tear on your face
I understood so many things
After so many months, now I know
What I mean to you.
A glance and a smile
Revealed to me your secret
That you were in love with me
And you still are.
I have never understood
I didn't know
That you, you
Were loving me, but
You'll never find
Another one like me
With the courage to say it, and then...
That tear on your face
It's a miracle of love
Which now comes true for me,
And I love no one but you
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Una lacrima sul viso

enjoythemusic    Vie, 04/10/2013 - 13:07
MichaelNa    Sáb, 10/09/2016 - 17:16

Faithfull translation except this part:

Non ho mai capito
Non sapevo che
Che tu che tu
Tu mi amavi ma
Come me
Non trovavi mai
Il coraggio di dirlo, ma poi...

which should be:

I have never understood
I didn't know that
that you, that you
You were loving me but
like me
you weren't finding
the courage to say it, but then...

Additionally the last line in Italian should be "Che si avvera in questo istante per me CHE non amo che te" which translates to "that comes true in this instant for me who loves no one but you."