Already Seen (Vec Vidjeno)

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Already Seen

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You want to make me cry infront of the world again
To cut my veins with words like with a razor blade
That you change me from happy to sad
That you change me from the most beautiful into ugly
Oh everything with you is already seen
You can caress me
You can rape me
You can kill me
It's all the same
There's no more mercy
God leads my hand
Tonight the victim holds the sword
Of it's own executioner
What will you do to me, that you haven't done already
Only you continued with duels without honor
You would make me from normal into crazy
And to leave me from trustworthy into wonderment
Oh everything with you is already seen
Publicado por MayGoLoco el Mar, 24/02/2009 - 13:49
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Vec Vidjeno

Ti bi da me noćas opet rasplačeš pred svetom.
Rečima da sečeš moje vene k'o žiletom.
Da me od vesele pretvoriš u tužnu,


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