Fire Or Ice [ Vogon' Chi Lid (Вогонь Чи Лід) ]

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Fire Or Ice

I'm passion of your eyes
To up or to down
Sweetly or through
Is my caprice worth
A life or tears?
Who am I, fire or ice?
Will I leave or remain a trace?
Is it worth or not?
Everything is wrong...
Wind flies to me from the sky
Like a bird.
Sea of your eyes
Is blue or green.
I'm melting in your eyes
My heart will stop for a moment
My fear will get hot
Passion will drive me crazy
If you want I will show your the world
Places I have never been to
Who am I, fire or ice?
I haven't know
Who you are? Ask me about it
Who am I? Ask the sky about it
But I don't need to know
That this all will end
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Vogon' Chi Lid (Вогонь Чи Лід)

Я - пристрасть твоїх очей...
Вгору або униз.
Ніжно, або наскрізь.
Вартий життя чи сліз
Мій каприз...
Хто я, вогонь чи лід?
Зникну чи лишу слід?