All things again [ Vse Opyat' (Всё опять) ]

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All things again

The birches are dropping their leaves - I'm not sorry for them
Aspens are dropping sorrow - and that is not a big thing
Daws are going to walk over scared fields,
Like me, they are going to search for something in this world
I know that the leaves will flew up to winter
That sorrow will spend days here on fields
And hope, like the snow,
will fly with the snow on the free roads
all this things, all this things are happening again
all this things, all this things are beginning again
all this things, all this things are happening again
all this things are beginning again
dont be sorry for leaves, it is over,
sorrow is higher than freedom, but who can guess
snow will fall down,
to search, like I do, for the love on the road
Clouds and clouds will fly just above me
Winds will whip my face from the sides
Let me to get those clouds with hands,
Let me to give away my heart with this love
Publicado por alohahola el Vie, 13/11/2009 - 18:17
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whooo. really hard to translate. i did quick-and-dirty job. i hope you'll get an idea Smile
very poetic song, with images like end of fall, bad cold winter coming, and hero is looking for love
something like that Smile

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Vse Opyat' (Всё опять)

Бросят березы листву - только это не жалко
Бросят осины печаль - да и это пустяк
Будет ходить по полям перепуганным галка
Что-то, как я, в этом мире протяжном искать.
Будет листва до зимы долетать, я-то знаю
Будет печаль эти дни на полях коротать
Будет надежда, как снег, растянувшись до края


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toukairin     Noviembre 14th, 2009

if you can edit the database, it's the song from Любэ / Lyube. thanks for the translation!

    Noviembre 23rd, 2009

Ржака, а не перевод Smile