Zajdi ,zajdi jasno sonce


Zajdi, zajdi, jasno sonce (Зајди, зајди, јасно сонце)

Зајди ,зајди јасно сонце,
Зајди помрачи се,
И ти јасна ле ,Месечино,
Бегај удави се.

Црнеј горо ,црнеј сестро,
Двајца да црнејме,
Ти за твоите лисја ле ,горо,
Јас за мојта младост.

Твоите лисја, горо сестро,
Пак ќе ти се вратат ,
Мојта младост горо ле ,сестро,
Нема да се врати.

Zajdi ,zajdi jasno sonce,
Zajdi pomrači se,
I ti jasna le ,Mesečino,
Begaj udavi se.

Crnej goro ,crnej sestro,
Dvajca da crnejme,
Ti za tvoite lisja le ,goro,
Jas za mojta mladost.

Tvoite lisja, goro sestro,
Pak ḱe ti se vratat,
Mojta mladost goro le, sestro,
Nema da se vrati.

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Zajdi ,zajdi jasno sonce

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Set down, set down bright sun,
Set down, blackout
And you clear moonlight too
Run away, drown yourself

Sorrow- forest, sorrow- my sister,
Let us sorrow together
You- for your leaves, forest
Me- for my youth.

Your leaves, forest - my sister,
Are going to get back to you
My youth, forest - my sister,
It's not coming back.

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    Abril 27th, 2009

this is a beautiful but mysterious song i love it and I'm American...its indifferent to many things that i know and learn....its awesome

    Mayo 9th, 2009

A few suggestions for more lyrical translation

1) *Escape, drown yourself*

2) let us *mourn* together

3) Your leaves, forest - my sister,
*Will come back to you.
My youth, forest - my sister,
Will not return.*

The translation into English is not as beautiful as the Macedonian version. There are not good English options to replace *set down* (descend? fall?) or *forest.*

    Mayo 15th, 2009

I did not know him before until I heard the best macedonian singer died. What a shame...
He was lovely, very very nice voice, I have been listening him for 5 hours already for tis song..
I must tell if I dye soon I wanna have this song. He sings so emotional and so touchy... God bless him....nice attitude and voice. I wish I knew him before....but nevertheless I am listening all his songs over and over.

    Agosto 31st, 2009

you should listen other macedonian folk songs too...they are all meaningful and much sorrow so much melancholy and so much happiness at the same time..
that culture is amazing...
listen to the songs and see those people in person...
I'm a Turkish but in love with this culture....
thank you for the translations....