A woman of all time (Žena za sva vremena)

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A woman of all time

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I'm here again.
How pale I looked
I think we find it to others
and mind what once was,
even say I love you.
I'm here again, it is what we follow
I resist but little worth
For love, love teaching.
And you're a woman of all time like you're made for love and a warm home
And you're a woman of all time like you're made for happiness, but not with me.
But you're not guilty, but do not blame you as such I am.
I'm here again at the end of a story
and do all that you are more alone
and each of them
resemble one another,
I always stand at the end of me.
And you're a woman of all time
Publicado por betoni el Sáb, 19/06/2010 - 13:58
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Žena za sva vremena

I opet sam tu.
Gledam je kako bledi.
Zatičem se kako mislim na tuđe
i smeta mi sve ono što nekad bilo je,
čak i kad kaže volim te.
I opet sam tu, jasno je šta mi sledi
I opirem se ali malo šta vredi


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tamaraaa     Junio 28th, 2010

moja omiljena pesma..Smile

betoni     Julio 8th, 2010

And I love this song!!! Smile