Killer love [ Agapi Dolofonos (Αγάπη δολοφόνος) ]

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Killer love

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I always think that you'll come back
And I always look at the road
To get into my breath
'Cause I won't make it
I don't get the messages
I lose you, I lose you
And now I do all the crazies of my life
Love, you are a killer
You're, you're
A mailman with a black letter1
You're, you're
Love, you are a killer
You 're, you 're a killer
I seek to see a dream
To bring me closer to you
But you 've stolen all of them
In to order to have them by yourself
The distance takes you away
And that makes me crazy
And my life (is) tangled like a ball of thread
  • 1. letter with bad news
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Agapi Dolofonos (Αγάπη δολοφόνος)

Όλο σκέφτομαι θα ξαναρθείς
Κι όλο βλέπω το δρόμο
Στην ανάσα μου μέσα να μπεις
Γιατί αλλιώς δε γλιτώνω
Τα μηνύματα δεν πιάνω
Σε χάνω, τα χάνω
Κι όλες τις τρέλες της ζωής μου τώρα κάνω


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