Appropriate conditions [ Katalliles Proupotheseis (Κατάλληλες προυποθέσεις) ]

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Appropriate conditions

I had a great intuition
for tonight
Iim stepping out of the car
I'm entering a bar,and I stay
You were holding your cigarette
and you were sypposely indifferent,I'm dying
I was shocked with you
something very phenomenal for me
There is something between us
tonight our love is born
You like me and I like you,we know it
there are appropriate conditions
for us to have a perfect night
Hugged and totally mad
and the room's temperature is rising
we are both burned
Famous love
and the night is windy tonight
I don't control my mind
I don't reckognize me,at all
There will be a night
that will make us crazy
'Cause we know it...
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Katalliles Proupotheseis (Κατάλληλες προυποθέσεις)

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