1001night (هزار و یک شب)

traduction en anglais


although i have blood sea in my chest instead of my heart
but in your love i don't have enough heart
although you are face to face me like mirror
but my eyes are not enough for watching you carefully
no one heart no one thousand heart all world's heart. i wanna hearts that fall in love you
you are more lover than love
you are visualized poetry
there is velvet dream in your eyes
unique wine
one thousand bar song
one thousand and one secret
i wanna see you
not once and not many time .the number of my breaths
for seeing you not one eye not many eyes iwanna all the eyes
i shall touch you and smell you like flowers
by all the eyes in world have to see you
i must see you like moon on the top of mountian
by all the lips in the world i must call you
i wanna see you
no once no many time.the number of my breaths
for watching you no one eye no 100 eyes i wanna all the eyes
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هزار و یک شب

هزار و یک شب
اگرچه جاي دل درياي خون در سينه دارم
ولي در عشق تو دريايي از دل کم مي آرم
اگرچه روبروئي مثل آئينه با من
ولي چشمام بسم نيست براي سير ديدن
نه يک دل نه هزار دل همه دلهاي عالم


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sara.m.far     août 10th, 2012

thank you so much !

khosroxx     août 26th, 2012

merc az tarjome,faq@ mikhastM begM 2ye Englisg "although" va "but" bahM nMiyan va in eshtebahiye ke ma iraniya bekhatere tarze harfidane khodMun Zyad mortakeb mishim.