The Souvenir (Yadegari - یادگاری)

The Souvenir

Some memorial pictures, with sorrow and a few letters

The only things that make me happy, are some old songs

The mirror that is in front of me, is sunk in consternation of an image

Drop of rains are on the window. here's just me, solitude and fate

When I feel you in my heart,

My behavior is not in my control. With your perfume, it's hard for me to breathe

I can't believe, but it's you who is going away

My look is stick on your eyes. Even I can't cry

My eyes are waiting for you. The moon is alone in the sky. And I haven't any shelter

The clocks are sleep. I'm not in a good situation without you. And your memory will never remain

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Yadegari - یادگاری

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