Adesso tu

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Adesso tu

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born on the periphery
where the trams dont go anymore
where the air is popular
and it is easier to dream
than to face reality
how many young people go away
to search for more than what they have
maybe that’s why the blows
they never returned
and inside they hurt themselves
even more
and i’ve learnt that in life
nobody ever gives more
but how many breaths, how many rises
getting on without
ever turning back
and now you’re here
to give sense to my days
everything goes well since
the moment you’re
here now
but i didnt forget all of
my friends that are still there
and one always feels more alone
in this age you dont know.. dont know..
how many rides, how many flights
getting on without
ever arriving
and now you’re in
the center of my thoughts
the interior part of my breaths
you will be the desire
you that are already
a support for me
now you know who is
the man inside me
born in the periphery
where i almost never come back
stays the wind that i’ve left
like a train that has already passed by
today that you are close to me
today that you’re the only one
today when you are there..
now you
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Adesso tu

nato ai bordi di periferia
dove i tram non vanno avanti più
dove l’area è popolare
è più facile sognare


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Mikyiro     février 28th, 2010 italian or english in any case beautiful song and great translation...thanks adrienne Smile

Adrienne     avril 18th, 2010

you're very welcome, anytime Smile

yolunda     novembre 25th, 2012

I love this song.....I am trying to learn Italian and love that i can now have both italian and english translation..
Grazie miele