Benlef.. enlef.. enlef. enlef..

Mn sneen btlef.. etlef.. etlef.. etlef..

W 2lm byzeed w gera7 btkhef

7abibi bnwade3 rabee3

W nesta2bel rabee3

W yekhdar el shagar

Tetnesi el dmou3

Ye7law el sahra

7abibi bnesta2bel rabee3

W bnwade3 rabee3

W bno2morna el 2dr

Tntefi el shmou3

W yzeed el amar

W nsba7 zekrayat

Mogarad zekrayat
[I don't know how to translate "mogarad" or "demm" so I have to skip these two lines]

Bn7eb en7eb en7eb en7eb

3atshaneen bel 7ob el 7ob el 7ob el 7ob

Wel sho2 by2eed w ydafi el alb

7abibi w amtar el shetta betetfi kol da

Wel alb el 7azeen fi layla w yom ydoub mnel 2aneen

7abibi da7ktna bokaa basmetna keda tehdeeni sneen

Ayam el hmoom wnmoot 3atshaneen

Sawani malyana sawani

W fora2 w tala2i fiha dawareen

Kol laffa yrou7 mn nar maw3deen

Sawani w fora2 w tala2i

Wel 3omr eli ba2i mnna w mnel sneen

Kol la7za yrou7

Wel la7n el 7azeen

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Versions : #1#2

We revolve around ourselfes…searching .. searching

From years you've searched and searched and searched

And a pain worsens and wounds heal

My darling we say good bye to Spring

And we welcome Spring

And the trees become green

The tears are forgotten

sleepless night becomes beautiful

My darling we welcome Spring

And say good bye to Spring

And fate calls us

The candles are blown out

And the moon shines brighter

And we awake as memories

Just memories

Just sweet memory among love

We love and love and love and love

Thirsty in love in love in love in love

And passion is in our hands to warm the hearts

My darling, even the storms of the winter can cleanse all this

And the sad heart in a night and day melt from the repression

Sweetheart our laughs and smiles are like that, calming the years

The days of importance and we die thirsty

Seconds full of seconds

And emptiness and ahead os me I find two circles

Each turn comes from the fire we're used to

Seconds and separation and in front of me

And the years that are left for us and from the years

Every moment will go

As will the sad lyrics/melody

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